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Overview of graduates of the programme leading to the qualification in Certified Integrated Risk Advisor, who are entitled to use the title CIRA.

The Certified Integrated Risk Advisor programme is taught at the UvA Academy for Banking and Insurance. The continuing professional education course was introduced in 2019.

In order to remain continually up-to-date, integrated risk advisors are expected to devote 16 hours per year to continuing professional education (PE). The PE requirement comes into force with the first calendar year after graduation.

All individuals listed in the CIRA Register are entitled to make use of the title ‘Certified Integrated Risk Advisor’, as well as the abbreviated title CIRA. This website makes public only the names of those persons from whom explicit permission to do so has been obtained.

The term CIRA (Certified Integrated Risk Advisor) has been registered with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property.

drs. O.M.B. (Omar) Abdellaoui  CIRA

On-site Toezicht Pensioenen en Verzekeraars, De Nederlandsche Bank
Diploma 2019

J.M. (Jelske) Adema LLM CIRA

Junior toezichthouder, Autoriteit Financële Markten
Diploma 2021

E.S.O. (Ellen) Appiah BBA CORM CIRA

Senior Operational Risk Manager, Van Lanschot Kempen
Diploma 2023

M. (Monique) Batenburg MSc CIRA

Regulatory Change Manager, Rabobank Nederland
Diploma 2019
PE 2020 (16); 2021 (18); 2022 (24)

F.J. (Frederique) Beaumont MBA, MPhil, MSc CIRA

Sr. non-financial risk manager, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
Diploma 2022

E.L.I. (Evelyn) Bell  LL.M. MSc. CIRA

KPMG Integrity & Compliance (FEC)
Diploma 2022

mr.  J. (Jeroen) Beumer CIRA

Head Of Compliance Commercial Banking, ABN AMRO 
Diploma 2019
PE 2021 (6)

O. (Oscar) Bodewes Msc CIRA

Risk Manager, Nationale-Nederlanden
Diploma 2022

M.A.C. (Michel) Brand MSc MBA CSFL CIRA

Accountdirecteur, Ordina N.V.
PE 2017 voldaan (30); 2018 voldaan (22)

drs. I. (Ilse) van Eekelen BA CIRA

Pensioenfondsbestuurder, FNV
Diploma 2020

ir. A.J. (Albert Jan) van Engen MBA CIRA

Senior Compliance Officer, De Volksbank N.V.
Diploma 2019
PE 2020 (12); PE 2021 (18)

mr. M. (Mehtap) Folkertsma-Özdemir  EMoC CSFL CIRA

Toezichthouder integriteit, De Nederlandsche Bank
Diploma 2020
PE 2017 voldaan (22); 2018 (6)

T. J. (Terence) Gerrits CIRA

Risk Officer, Bitonic B.V.
Diploma 2019

T.A. (Trycia) Gietema CCP CIRA

Compliance Officer Market and Organisational Conduct, ING Groep
Diploma 2020

drs. M. (Maarten) van Ginkel RA CIRA

Directeur risk management/Compliance, Athora Nederland
Diploma 2019
PE 2020 (6); 2021 (6)

B. (Bart) de Haan BBA CIRA

Chapterlead Client Conduct, ING Bank N.V.
Diploma 2019

E.J. (Elco) Harte  RFEA CCO CIRA

Vestigingsmanager, Veldsink Advies
Diploma 2022
PE 2022 (8)

J.M.C. (Jan-Maurits) Hoijtink LL.M CIRA

Manager, Deloitte Risk Advisory B.V.
Diploma 2021

V. (Viresh) Jagesar MSc RA CIRA

Risk Officer Internal Controls, AEGON Nederland N.V.
Diploma 2019

J.H. (Jaco) Janssen CIRA

Senior Risk Manager, AEGON Group
Diploma 2021

drs. B. (Bert) Jolink RC CIRA

Bestuurder en sleutelfunctiehouder Risicobeheer, Stichting Pensioenfonds PostNL
Diploma 2020

ing. M.M.R. (Maurice) Jongmans CCP CIRA

CEO, Online Payment Platform
Diploma 2022, Specialisatie Sustainability

drs. M. (Monique) Kinnegim AAG CIRA

Toezichthouder, De Nederlandsche Bank
Diploma 2019, Specialisatie Sustainability
PE 2020 (8); 2021 (16); 2022 (12)

Th. A. (Thomas) Kool BA CIRA

Senior Compliance Officer, ABN-AMRO N.V.
Diploma 2022

drs. K. (Kris) Marx CIRA

Senior Officer Financial Crime Compliance, ING N.V.
Diploma 2019
PE 2020 (6)

mr. drs. D. (Dennis) Meijne CSFL CIRA

Integrated Risk Advisor, ING Bank N.V. 
Diploma 2019
PE 2017 voldaan (16); 2018 voldaan (28); 2019 voldaan (22); 2020 voldaan (18); voldaan 2021 (18); voldaan 2022 (18); voldaan 2023 (18)

mr. D. (Dennis) Noordervliet CIRA

Directeur Compliance, ING Nederland
Diploma 2019

C.K.C. (Caspar) Nijland MSc CIRA

Sr. Compliance Officer, PGGM N.V.
Diploma 2022

D.A. (Daisy) Osei  MSc IRMcert CIRA

Senior Non-Financial Risk Manager, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
Diploma 2023

mr. R.P.W. (Redmar) Poen CIRA

Consultant Regulatory Risk, Deloitte Risk Advisory B.V.
Diploma 2022

R.W. (Rob) Potter CSFL CIRA

Enterprise Risk Manager, Nationale Nederlanden
Diploma 2019
PE 2017 voldaan (18); 2018 (16); 2019 (16); 2020 (16); 2021 (12); 2023 (12)

mr. J.M (Joyce) van Remundt CIRA

Medewerker Governance, Risk en Compliance, Zorg en Zekerheid
Diploma 2022

S. (Sjoerd) Rennings CIRA

Manager Speciale Zaken, Achmea Schadeverzekeringen N.V.
Diploma 2019
PE 2020 (16); 2021 (18); 2022 (12)

drs. W.R. (Wietse) Terpstra RA RC CCP CIRA

Risk en compliance officer, Zevenwouden
Diploma 2022

drs. E.M. (Eva) van Veen MA  CIRA

Senior Manager Operational Risk & Compliance, Achmea
Diploma 2019
PE 2020 (16); 2021 (12); 2022 (6)

F. (Frans) van de Veen CIRA

Coördinator Pensioenafdeling, CNV Vakmensen
Diploma 2020
PE 2021 (16); 2023 (6)

R. (Robert) Veneboer BBA CAMS CIRA

Senior Officer Non-Financial Risk ING Bank N.V.
Diploma 2020

Jhr mr T. H. (Therus) de Villeneuve CIRA

Senior Compliance Officer, AEGON Nederland
Diploma 2019
PE 2020 (8); 2021 (6); 2023 (6)

mr. P. (Peter) van Vliet CSFL CIRA

Compliance Officer, Achmea  
Diploma 2020, Spedialisatie Sustainability
PE 2017 voldaan (18); 2018 voldaan (16)

G.J. (Geke) Wichems CIRA

Pensioenfondsbestuurder, bedrijfstak pensioenfonds VLEP
Diploma 2020

R.N. (Roy) de Wildt MSc CIRA

Platinion Senior IT Consultant, BCG Platinion
Diploma 2020

I. (Ivan) de Wit MSc CIRA

IT Risk Management - Deutsche Börse Group
diploma 2022

drs. A.V. (Kawien) Ziedses des Plantes  MSc CIRA

Sustainable Impact Manager, Oikocredit International
Diploma 2022